Ons Verhaal

We specialise in the spaces of the future. We call these spaces life-proof; life has changed post-pandemic, and we have the expertise, inspiration and knowledge to create for it.
We want to spark a sense of connection and belonging in all people, designing with society’s wellbeing in mind. So we focus on the spaces that people use and need for the now and beyond, those that will integrate seamlessly into their identities. Architecture can be the catalyst of great change, changing people and places for the better, transcending time and space.

A grounded approach continues the story

We use our knowledge and expertise in projects in a way that’s grounded – it takes into account the architectural memory (history) and identity of the area. We feel that existing buildings, and the memory of how they’re used, should be built to carry on rather than knocked down and built upon. Their stories continue through us, they’ll stand for a long time and materials need to be suited to them, sustainable, and last. We are passionate about what we do, and design with sustainability certifications like BREAM, clever technology and extra craftsmanship that goes beyond the expected.


Collaborating with love, compassion and care

We work with our clients and projects from a place of love, compassion, and care — so the space can become everything it needs to. We do this in close collaboration with everyone involved. We love to realise grand ambitions in a realistic way that makes us easy to work with. And we want the process to be as enjoyable and smooth as possible, so we will help everything along from start to finish. It’s not only the architecture that’s joyful the experience of working with us is a joy, too.

Let us build the change in people and places –with powerful architecture that transcends time & space.